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sore & steal
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frg-o12 sore & steal 7" picture disc
frg-o11 buddha on the moon the last autumn day cd
frg-o10 buddha on the moon stratospheric cd
frg-o9 spoonfed hybrid hibernation shock cdep
frg-o8 esp summer 10" ep
frg-o7 lozenge plenum cd
frg-o6 buddha on the moon translucence 10" ep
frg-o5 various artists emily's #777 zine + 7" ep
frg-o4 lozenge saw a man 7"
frg-o3 buddha on the moon broke 7"
frg-o2 dyn@mutt a handbook for young scientists cd
frg-o1 various artists alles ist gut! 7" ep

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  june 18, 2002